Using Website Design To Promote Your Business


Online websites are a great way to reach the digital audience and promote a business’ products and services in one place. With easy to understand website builders just a click away, a well-designed website can pull an audience in from just a glance. Bear these simple tips in mind when designing or updating a business’ website.

The site is mobile friendly

Mobile phones are essentially tiny computers in people’s pockets – it makes sense that your business’ landing page for the website (and all other pages besides) should be just as easy to read on the screen of a phone as it is on a laptop or computer screen.

The Layout

Limit the navigation menu of the website to five clearly labelled tabs with related content below them. There should always be a clear way for the user to navigate back to the landing page of the website, and a search bar is always a useful feature for users to have to sift through content. Keep content uncluttered and accessible for users to see, and ensure that the overall layout design does not alienate the user.

Easily identifiable

Ensure that the website url (domain name) either describes the business or is the business name. Any contact information that the user might require for the business should be easily found and displayed.

Get Personal

Online businesses need to create a user experience that resonates with their customers while keeping in touch with their brand perception. Use team photos on the about page, get personal about the business’ story and market to the audience the business as a product.