The Office Post-Covid, And How To Make It More Productive For Your Business


There have been critical changes to the workplace over the past year. With many office-based employees forced to work remotely or from home during the pandemic, the adaptation of new technologies, systems of work, and overall business models has changed the office’s approach.

Many office businesses may need to reevaluate their structure and model as employees return to the office.

Here are a few ways that your office can update to help boost productivity and reassure employees during this process:

  • The physical workplace should prioritise collaboration with a communal, free-flowing workspace. This workspace allows employees to be transient and hybrid while still possessing the resources they need to work effectively in person.
  • Use remote work technologies for effective communication to facilitate and support teams collaborating and catalyse innovation.
  • Place greater importance on portability, flexibility, ease-of-use integrated support for an entire ecosystem of software when it comes to IT.
  • Businesses should create more significant support for cloud software, data management and security measures.
  • Businesses should ensure that safety and sanitation measures are more visible, accountable and that the appropriate policies will be enacted.

Feedback from your employees can also be an invaluable resource in helping them readapt to working from the office productively.