Reducing your bounce rate


If customers are quick to jump off your landing page before you have even had the opportunity to convert them, your website has a problem. A high bounce rate can jeopardise your profit and may indicate that you are falling behind the competition.

These tips will bring your bounce rate down and your conversions up.

Build an engaging landing page
Landing pages with blocks of text will have your website visitors back on a search engine in seconds. You should make sure your text is broken up with suitable pictures, sub-headings, easy to understand language and icons. That way, the customer can easily find the information they seek and are engaged rather than deterred by your web content.

Make your website mobile friendly
Browsing on the go is more common than ever so if your site is not mobile friendly you are alienating a large segment of your market. Smart formatting tools will make sure your settings are up to speed.

Reduce loading time
Chances are if your website takes longer than two seconds to load your visitor will lose interest and leave your site. Optimising your site, using caching and sizing your images can all make your website faster.