Personalising your business brand


Personalising your business brand attracts new customers by establishing authenticity and a point of difference.

Follow these tips to improve your marketing and create a unique brand true to yourself.

Put a face to the name
The best way to add a personal touch to your brand is to be human. Adding a team graphic to your website, business cards or advertising will share your business’ personality with your potential and current customers. For small business customers, seeing the people behind the good or service they are consuming builds trust and intimacy that can set you apart from your competitors.

Engage with your audience
Social media is a key part of a small business. You should:

  • Write stories about your satisfied customers and tag them so their friends can see
  • Engage in the comments section
  • Join in on internet trends like memes or challenges
  • Respond to both good and bad reviews to show you care

Be accessible
Corporate and business jargon can send customers running in the opposite direction. Easy to understand language and first person, are your best friends when you are writing anything from your business cards to your website content. A conversational tone that shows your personality will go a long way with customers looking for someone they can trust.