Keep your staff social media savvy


Your staff are representatives of your business, and their online profiles can do a lot of good or inflict damage on your brand’s image. Enforce a social media policy and educate your staff on the importance of your business’ online presence.

No negatives, only positives
Your employees’ online network can be a blessing and a curse to your business. To avoid reputational damage make sure your staff is aware that any inappropriate or harmful mentions of your business will be met with professional consequences. You should educate your staff on what constitutes unprofessional online conduct.

Some examples include:

  • Any rants bad-mouthing customers or management
  • Pictures of management or co-workers that are put up without consent or reflect poorly on the business
  • Proof of pretending to be sick to avoid work
  • Defamatory comments about your business or workplace

Encourage sharing
Your staff can advertise the positive aspects of work. Encourage your team to be vocal online about your office environment, special offers or workplace achievements. Make sure they tag your business whether it be on LinkedIn or Facebook.