Importance of transparency in social media


Spreading misinformation and fake news has become all too easy right now because of social media. How easily social media facilitates deception has meant that being transparent is really important. A survey, conducted by an information research based company, found that 94% of people are likely to want a long-lasting relationship with companies that demonstrate transparency.

Why is transparency important to customers?

Social media has increased the accountability companies have, and has made it much easier for existing and potential customers to ensure that companies are behaving ethically. If a company is transparent, customers are able to determine if their values align, and make it more likely that they will pursue a relationship with that company.

What does transparency involve?

A marketing management company conducted a survey where they found that ‘transparency’ for consumers, involved a range of things. The three main factors were openness, clarity, and honesty. This is especially important for service-based companies, where the focus should be on creating an environment that’s easily accessible, and simple to understand.

How to improve transparency?

The best ways to improve transparency are to

  1. Admit mistakes: If a company does make a mistake, or post something that is later deemed inappropriate, admitting fault is received well and shows transparency.
  2. Respond honestly to customers: When responding to customer queries, honesty is prioritised over sending automated common responses

Working on transparency on social media could be a great way to develop long-lasting customer relationships for your business, and it is very simple to get started.