Importance of a good website


Websites are often a key tool in marketing a business towards a target audience. Websites should be designed to increase customer engagement and attract more sales. Whilst standing out from the competition is key, there are a number of elements that visitors come to expect from a good site.

Up-to-date content:
A successful website is improved and updated regularly, ensuring relevant content is being presented to the audience. Consistent posting creates a greater chance of boosting a websites SEO ranking and increasing legitimacy in a business’s industry. Publishing interesting and relevant articles also improves the chances of online users sharing content or the website with their friends and followers. Regular updates also keep businesses aware of changes made and lets you remove content about products and services that are no longer offered.

Interactive avenues:
Optimising a website to create customer conversations guides customers to contact a business. Feedback or reviews from customers who have experienced a business’s services are often a deciding factor in whether a potential customer will engage the services of a business. Businesses who demonstrate their quality online through honest reviews and conversation avenues appeal to a greater audience.

Social media linking:
Providing links to social media pages, such as Facebook or Twitter, allows customers to access various elements of a company that they showcase on different sites. This can help increase overall exposure, making it more likely that prospective customers will discover the business. Websites should make it easy for customers or followers to connect with a company through social media, as it can help people stay up to date and easily find out more about new services or products they might be interested in.

Mobile friendly:
As of January 2019, 40% of internet views were from a mobile phone and 10% were from a tablet. Making a website mobile-friendly allows customers to access from any location at any time. This also applies to the technology you’re using for your site, having pages that take too long to load remotely will drive customers away.