Celebrating Xmas at the office on a budget


Christmas is a great time to reward your employees but the celebrations you plan do not have to break your bank.

You can have a frugal and fun Christmas at your office with these tips.

Use your office as the venue
Cut the costs of hiring a function room or booking a table at an external venue and take advantage of the space you already have. If there are other businesses in your building, you might use a combined workspace for your office event and ask them to chip in for the costs.

Get staff to contribute
Competitions and challenges create a festive office spirit and save you money at the same time. Start a Christmas baking or cooking competition, so your catering burden is eased. Challenge your staff to decorate their cubicles, provide some decorations but encourage them to get creative and use their own resources.

Pick your time
If you are booking a venue, December is not the best time. Book out of peak season in November or January so you can avoid premium rates. Think about holding your party during the week, even giving your staff half the day off, so you can take advantage of mid-week rates.

Set up activities
Some activities are fun and will not cost you a thing. Consider these wallet-friendly games that will turn up the fun on your Christmas celebration.

  • Trivia
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Secret Santa