Benefits of podcasting


The digital space becoming more collaborative every day and the need for audience interaction is ever growing. Businesses need to have conversations with their clients in order to improve relations and customer service habits. Podcasting is a great way to foster this relationship as it allows for literal conversation and participation between a business and their client. People want to work with businesses who they like and trust, and podcasts add another layer to client relations. With podcasts in every niche, there is always an audience on the internet who will listen.

Why you should podcast:
Podcasts are one of the fastest growing new media platforms. Their instant nature help get information out in a way that is easily accessible and reliable. You can listen on any device with various different streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or the Google Play store. The ease of listening to a conversation helps listeners absorb information – even on the go – and feel connected. It is inexpensive to run as you only need a microphone. A podcast doesn’t have to be high tech and the smaller you start the more you can develop later on.

Value of podcasts:
Podcasting is sadly underutilised by many businesses. It allows you to share your business in a way that has never been done before. Through this form of media, you can convey your knowledge and advice to clients in a fun and engaging way. There are also many companies who sponsor podcasts so there is a monetary factor involved. If podcasting isn’t for you, perhaps consider sponsoring one to get your business out to a new audience.

Tips for a new podcaster:
Podcasts generally run for 45-60 minutes depending on the content. They are a longer form of media made to be consumed simultaneously with another activity. Most listeners enjoy the conversation aspect that isn’t necessarily participatory. However, try having a segment at the end for questions or comments from listeners that they can pose to you in the comments as this appreciated. Don’t directly sell your business or sponsor either as the idea of a podcast is that it is like a conversation. No one wants to be told to by something when they’re casually talking. Build up your image through a relationship with the audience. This can be done through stories or anecdotes relating to both real life and your business. This shows listeners that you are both relatable and an expert in your field.