Areas of investment you might not have considered


People and internal processes
Arguably one of the best forms of investment is in the employees you hire, and the talent, experiences and skills that come with them. Take the time to reflect the strengths and weaknesses of your business and where you can retain or invest in your people.

Now is also the perfect time to review your supplier relationships. As you start to regain the rhythm of work at the beginning of the year, take the time to research competitively priced suppliers for a better deal (be it digital systems or otherwise).

Another tip is to streamline, develop, and document your internal processes through technology. Be it quality control, payroll, employee retention rates, expenses, or accounting, adding the element of digitisation and technology to a company’s processes can improve operations and provide clarity. Customer-relationship management (CRM) is increasingly being used for client and pipeline management.

Consider investing in a way that would help you earn more income in the future. Just as you would consider investing in your team, consider investing in yourself and your career. Between taking online courses to skill up, networking at conferences, earning a certification in your field, pursuing higher education, and becoming more enlightened through books, audiobooks, podcasts, the opportunities are at your fingertips. How can you make yourself more valuable to your employer?

A Side Hustle
Whether you’re not earning as much as you’d like at your day job, or if you’re looking to discover an untapped passion or skill, consider making more out of 2019 with a side hustle. Not only would a side hustle help you reach your financial goals, but in the age of the ‘Share Economy’, the opportunities are growing. Options include selling old items online, renting out a room on Airbnb, tutoring online, working odd jobs, starting and monetising a blog, or selling your technical services